If you’re looking for a more clean and modern look to your home and your walls of your home are covered in wallpaper, it is definitely tempting to just paint over it to have the painted wall you envision.

Sure, it will save you time and money.  After all, it seems like an easier task to just paint over wallpaper as opposed to the teardown, clean up and THEN having to paint.  When looking at it from this point of view, it seems like it would be a good idea.

Think again.

There are many things that can lead to disastrous results when you paint over wallpaper.  The word ‘disaster’ is put very mildly.

Here are 3 reasons to discourage you from painting over wallpaper:

Moisture from the paint will loosen the wallpaper

Even if you think that wallpaper in your home is sturdy and still in good condition, applying paint will damage it severely.  Even more so, applying extra moisture may cause the wallpaper adhesive to loosen.  This can lead to detachment and ripping of the material.  This is a real threat, especially when the wallpaper is already damaged and torn in some places. Another unpleasant side effect that may occur when the paint is applied is the bubbling of wallpaper.

All of this can potentially lead to way more work than just simply removing the wallpaper material.

Wallpaper seams and patterns may show through the paint

Wallpaper is usually applied in rows, which means the seams where the rows line up can easily be seen through the paint.  Additionally, some wallpaper has various textures.  Painting over textures will never hide them and they will simply show through the paint resulting in a transparent paint color on your wallpaper.  The bigger issue?  It may not happen immediately, but weeks or months later, which would be a major surprise.

Imagine having to move all your furniture to paint a room of wallpaper, then weeks later realizing the failed attempt.  Now you are going to have to move the furniture again to remove the wallpaper and paint again.  That is not a pleasant scenario which leads us to the next point…

Wallpaper that has been painted is even more difficult to remove!

If the previous scenario happens, you will be faced with a very difficult task – removing wallpaper that has been painted over.  You will likely need dissolving chemicals and a way to get them through the layer of paint, which is thick enough.

Furthermore, you will then have to work on stripping the paper.  All of this amounts to a huge amount of work and the need for A LOT of home cleaning afterwards, which you most certainly do not want to go through.

Conclusion:  Don’t paint over wallpaper.  Hire a professional paint company to handle all the work correctly.

People mostly fear the idea because it’s a lot of prep work and labor for what seems like a simple task.  Laying down some tarps to catch the paper and the drips from the chemical remover is a lot work and can be messy.  Follow that up with a little sanding and priming to be sure the walls are ready for the new finish paint.  That’s a load of work.

If you are in the DFW area, Carnival Custom Painting DFW has handled this task for hundreds of homeowners and would be happy to supply a free estimate for the job.  Contact us today and one of our area managers will meet you at your residence!