Ever heard of the psychological trick of restaurants? Most restaurants interiors are red due to the fact that it psychologically stimulates appetite and conversation.

The same is true for your home. Paint colors are best in different places of the house due to the psychological effect colors have on us.

Below are explanations of the psychology of certain colors.


Blue brings down blood pressure, which is why it’s commonly used in calming settings such as bedrooms and bathrooms. High concentrated shades of blue, can add drama to a room. Paler shades make a space look larger, and light shades can make a space feel peaceful.


Gray has an organic sense of serenity, calmness and sophistication. Light tones of gray can make a bedroom look romantic, while tan grays can summon a relaxing beach atmosphere for a living room. When paired with white, it’s a clean and crisp combination for kitchens and bathrooms.


Red raises the energy level of a room. It is best to add red to areas where you eat and converse as it will increase appetite and stimulate conversation.


Green combines the freshness of blue with the joyousness of yellow–making it a color suited for almost any room in the home. Because of its connection with nature, it also has a calming effect that promotes health.


Purple blends the serenity of blue and excitement of red. It is well-known for luxury, and can bring an exotic tone to a room. Lavender walls can add sophistication to a living room, while pastel purples can make a bedroom look young and trendy.


Brown represents nature, encouraging people to slow down. Since its earthy tone makes a room feel warm and welcoming, it’s commonly used in living and dining rooms.


Yellow evokes strong feelings of positivity, happiness and creativity. Because yellow sparks communication, it’s best used in kitchens and dining rooms. It’s also used in small spaces, halls or entries to make them feel large and welcoming.


Orange is a very energetic color. Similar to red, it stimulates appetite, making it a great choice for a dining room or kitchen. It’s also best used to bring out the intensity in a fitness room.

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