Are you planning on a DIY paint job in the near future?

We’re gonna share some of the biggest mistakes that are often made when painting and how you can avoid them.  Make sure to save this article to refer back to when you’re ready for your DIY project.

Consider The Weather

Weather is important to take into consideration both interior and exterior jobs. If you aren’t sure what weather is acceptable for your project, be sure to ask a professional!  How Texas Weather Affects Paint

Not Cleaning Your Surface

Without a great cleaning on the surfaces you are about to paint, it’ll be far too easy to get dust particles, unwanted hairs, and other things stuck under the paint!

Not Using Tape For Edges

Paint the walls? Make sure to tape those beautiful trims to avoid getting specks or paint or overlapping the paint onto unwanted areas so, after all your hard work, you can have a clean line!

But make sure to take that tape off before the paint dries completely to avoid any peeling.

Using the Wrong Paintbrush, Paint or Primer

When shopping for your painting supplies, it’s extremely important that you choose the right supplies for the job. Make sure to talk to an expert about which paint, paintbrushes and primer to use for your surface.

Need Advice?

Carnival Painting DFW can help!  We are DFW’s top-rated paint company and can help you avoid mistakes with all your painting needs.  Contact us today and one of our area managers will meet at your residence for a FREE estimate.