As a homeowner, you are most likely constantly having to replace the usual things to keep your house clean and looking nice. Things such as your central air filter, you’re changing every 30 to 90 days. If you have a pool, you have that cleaned about once per week. So, how often should you repaint the exterior of our house?

The answer depends on several factors.


Climate matters when it comes to paint’s durability and tenure. If you live in Texas, the exterior of your home takes a beating from the sun and humidity, so you’ll most likely need to repaint more frequently than a home in Kansas.

Exterior Material

How often you paint the exterior of your house depends, in large part, on the exterior materials on your house. Different materials require different painting schedule needs.

  • Wood siding3-7 years
  • Aluminum siding4-5 years
  • Stucco5-6 years
  • Cement fiberboard siding10-12 years
  • Painted brick15-20 years


Believe it or not, you can actually extend the life of your exterior paint job by spending time regularly maintaining your home exterior.
Inspect the surfaces every year, looking for peeling, cracking, and moisture damage. Repair these small problems when you see them, and seal and caulk where needed. These minor repairs could help you go a bit longer in between paint jobs.

Exterior Painting Professionals

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