Paint applicators and accessories can be confusing.  Prices vary greatly, but they all look the same… until you use them.

The truth is, selecting the proper applicator for your paint job is just as important as the paint itself.  You can buy the most expensive, high-quality paint out there but if you buy cheap applicators–your walls are not going to look as good as you envisioned.

Here is a guide to buying the most common applicators.


There are two types of brush bristles: natural and synthetic. Natural brushes, made with animal hair, are best used with oil-based paint. Synthetic brushes, which are made from nylon or polyester, should always be used with latex-based paint.


Rollers are fast and easy to use, making them excellent for large surfaces. Like brushes, you should only use synthetic fibers for latex-based. You should paint smooth surfaces with short-nap (or length of the surface) rollers and rough surfaces with a long-nap roller.


Pads and sponges hold less paint than brushes and rollers, but are especially helpful with cutting corners and painting areas where walls and ceilings meet.

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