The color of your bedroom can effect the mood.
When choosing your color, it’s great to take this into consideration because it can have an impact on the quality of sleep and relaxation you get

As you may know, softer shades will create a more relaxing environment so cool tones are highly recommended. But for some, those classic pieces of furniture and decor pair better with some darker and deeper shades of color. As long as you balance out those deeper tones with some light and bright decor, you’ll be good to go! So keep reading to learn more about what colors are best for your master bedroom!


The first and best paint color to consider for your bedroom is Blue! Blue creates an emotionally calm space.


As long as you don’t go too dark, these colors can be great color for a laid back room! Some studies show that these colors can actually help you sleep better!


Looking for a cheery and comforting place to retreat to? Go for a yellow!


Similar to blues, greens can also create a relaxing (almost spa-like) feeling. If you aren’t a huge fan of the blues, maybe this is a better option for you!


This one might come as a slight surprise but orange can represent coziness and can make for a great bedroom color!

Not sure?

If you’re not sure which color you like best, you can never go wrong with a soft neutral that is versatile for all decor and furniture!

If you are in the DFW area, contact us and one of our area managers would be happy to meet at your residence to discuss paint recommendations for your master bedroom so we can make it exactly how you want to look.