Thanks to the show ‘Fixer Upper’, Chip and Joanna have changed the direction of today’s interior design. Shiplap walls, subway tile, sliding barn doors and farmhouse sinks.

Aside from the usual go-to choices, something else brings together the finished designs featured on the show that make the houses look so appealing: the color palette.

Being huge fans of the show, we took a look at Joanna’s 5 most popular interior colors palettes that let her style really shine through.

White / Ivory

Rachel Whyte

White helps make rooms feel more open and inviting. Living room walls and open areas with shiplap are great places to use White and Ivory.

Light Blues

Rachel Whyte

Joanna says she loves “lighter blues with gray undertones because you can use them as neutrals.”

Pale Gray

pale gray

Rachel Whyte

Sometimes a light gray may not fit a rooms vibe. A deeper shade of gray usually does the trick. It adds just the right amount of moodiness and looks great when paired with unfinished shiplap.



Rachel Whyte

When Joanna does decide to stray farther outside the neutral space, it’s usually with a rich teal blue that looks beautiful in bedrooms.

Light Gray

Rachel Whyte

A light shade of gray makes colorful furniture and wall accessories stand out.

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