Paint projects require great attention to detail and lots of prep work.  Trying to make the project quicker or easier by taking shortcuts like the ones below will likely cost you more time in the long run.

Avoid these shortcuts at all costs!

1. Avoiding the prep work

  • Not pressure washing siding prior to painting
  • Not sanding walls
  • Not priming patches
  • Not masking the baseboards, molding, windows, etc.
  • Not Caulking

There’s no substitute for prep work when you’re hoping for a great final product.

2. Not preparing the paint properly

Paint is designed to be prepped, so make sure you do the following to make it ready to be applied to the surface:

  • Strain your paint to remove impurities and lumps
  • Thoroughly mix the paint

3. Using only one coat of paint

Always apply at least 2 coats for the best results.  Covering your surface in one coat will most likely result in a transparent and unflattering finish.  Applying just one more coat paint (2 total) will be your best bet to give you smooth long lasting results.

4. Painting on top of wallpaper

This is where you do not want to be lazy.  Whatever you do, do NOT paint over wallpaper.  Take time or hire someone to remove the wallpaper before painting on the surface.  You do not want to paint on wallpaper only to realize you now have to remove it and repaint the whole wall again.

Need Advice?

We are here to help!  Carnival Painting DFW can help save you time by not having to deal with these common mistakes people make when painting on their own.  Contact us today and one of our area managers will come to your residence to give you advice and a FREE no-obligation estimate on your desired painting needs.