The thought of having your home painting seems like a massive task. It may seem like an inconvenience at first, but when there are indicators that your house needs painting, you should act immediately.

There are certain things to indicate it’s time to paint your home.

Here is what to look for.

Flaking, bubbling, cracking or fading paint

These signs can indicate dry rot, wet rot or mold. Strong sunlight, harsh winters, extreme humidity, storms, blowing sand and ocean breezes can contribute to this type of damage.

If you see any of these things, aside from typical weather wear, there may be a causing factor.  If you aren’t certain, you should call an expert.

If your house is new (Yes, it’s true)

Typically, new home contractors only use one coat of spray over pre-primed wood. That primer is generally insufficient to prevent swelling or shrinkage.

If you bought a house brand new from a developer, plan on painting your home within five years to ensure a good layer of protective paint, before much damage has occurred.

If it’s been more than 7 years

If possible, don’t wait until paint chips are visible from the street to repaint. Finding these indicators and painting your house early minimizes damage to the exterior of the home and also minimizes the need for preparatory work, like scraping flaking paint, caulking seals or replacing wood. Minimizing the need for prep work lowers painting costs.

Most homes need to be painted every seven to 10 years, but the actual timeframe varies by material and region. In regions like DFW where sunlight is more intense, you should expect to paint every 7 years.

Still not sure?

If you think your home needs painting, but aren’t quite sure if now is the time, give Carnival Painting DFW a call.  Our trained professionals will come to your home and inspect your paint to see if now is a good time or if you should wait.