A simple paint job can give you a great return on your investment when it comes to your home value. A new report by Zillow looked at 135,000 photos from old houses across the country to see how paint colors impacted the sales of the homes. What they discovered are minor changes that can reep major rewards for the value of your home.

Paint Your Front Door Black or Charcoal

Homes with charcoal, smoky, or jet black doors sell for $6,271 more than expected.  Considering that a door paint job can cost approximately $100 to $400, a bucket of black paint is a dazzling investment.

Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets Two Different Colors

In their study, Zillow also found that tuxedo kitchens—where the upper and lower cabinets are two different colors—sell for more money as well.

Use Neutral Color Tones

As for the rest of your house, cool and neutral wall colors are a big hit with buyers overall.  Light blue bathrooms and taupe-colored living rooms were especially popular in homes that sold for more money.

The rest of the rooms are best with cool and neutral wall colors. Meanwhile, homes with dark red- or brown-colored walls actually sold for as much as $2,310 less than expected.

Home Value Conclusion

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